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Came the Morning Along With The Tide

Don't Lose the Line 

Into the City


Instant Religion

When She Comes   

7th Floor Blues

Suit and Tie   

Stained Glass Windows

Let it Go

Lost My Way


A World of My Own 

This Cursed Town

Backward Thoughts   


Out on the Sea

Forever This Longing

Ghost of Another Age

Along With The Tide


Shadow of The Mountain

New Day


The Swirl





He's just an ordinary thief
An outcast with no higher belief
He's a lonesome man who the world despise
And he lost his faith to his own device
He knows the wealth beneath the sky
And where there's much to steal
The biggest thieves wear a suit and tie

He's a ghetto boy with no options left
So he goes to war with his soul bereft
Put on a plane to a land he knows not where
And hardly do the men who sent him there
Down on the streets the corpses lie
And there you'll never see
Those who kill the most wear a suit and tie

There are those who say, "God is on our side"
And tall they stand filled with pride
They want a little blood to satisfy their needs
And so they use His name to justify their deeds
Yes it's true we are all going to die
And at the pearly gates
The biggest losers wear a suit and tie

R. Blomqvist


© 2007 Ginger Trees