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Came the Morning Along With The Tide

Don't Lose the Line 

Into the City


Instant Religion

When She Comes   

7th Floor Blues

Suit and Tie   

Stained Glass Windows

Let it Go

Lost My Way


A World of My Own 

This Cursed Town

Backward Thoughts   


Out on the Sea

Forever This Longing

Ghost of Another Age

Along With The Tide


Shadow of The Mountain

New Day


The Swirl





Oh lover who found me
I kept you from the rain
A demon lives inside me
And you can't know the pain

Along with the tide
Felt the blood rush to my head
Cast away the illusion
'For I find myseld dead

Dear brother don't leave me
I have failed you too
Universes you gave me
I'm in debt to you

Along with the tide
I was ... had nothing to say
Behind a brick wall
Found my reason fading away

Heat arises from this dying cell
Cool and shaded is the crimson well

Oh Father forgive me
I refused to see
Now is the time to recall
My pledge to Thee

Along with the tide
I will gather grains of sand
With the moon as my lantern
I'll stretch out my shivering hand

R. Blomqvist


© 2010 Ginger Trees