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Came the Morning Along With The Tide

Don't Lose the Line 

Into the City


Instant Religion

When She Comes   

7th Floor Blues

Suit and Tie   

Stained Glass Windows

Let it Go

Lost My Way


A World of My Own 

This Cursed Town

Backward Thoughts   


Out on the Sea

Forever This Longing

Ghost of Another Age

Along With The Tide


Shadow of The Mountain

New Day


The Swirl





I was wading 'cross a river of sound
Thought I'd be drowned and washed to the sea
And who could have known we were tied together
Thru the blacknesss in the passed

Long gone the time when you had me stalled in blindness
I saw thru the broken glass how my thoughts were shattered

I've seen the ghost of another age
In a house built with heathen hands
And who could be drowned right here
Where the same old river has run dry

Long gone the time when you engulfed me in your darkness
I've strayed in this heartless place where only echoes remain
Long gone the time when you dispatched me back to the shadows
I'm turning to some place inside where the soul is still the same

R. Blomqvist


© 2010 Ginger Trees