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Came the Morning Along With The Tide

Don't Lose the Line 

Into the City


Instant Religion

When She Comes   

7th Floor Blues

Suit and Tie   

Stained Glass Windows

Let it Go

Lost My Way


A World of My Own 

This Cursed Town

Backward Thoughts   


Out on the Sea

Forever This Longing

Ghost of Another Age

Along With The Tide


Shadow of The Mountain

New Day


The Swirl





If God came to you what would you say?
What would you wanna say?
If God came to you how would you feel?
How would you wanna feel?
If God told you just what you wanna hear
Did you make yourself a friend?

Instant Religion got its claws in you
Mix it with water and you'll make it thru the day
Instant Religion is all over you
As if you never learned to pray

If God walked out on you, would you feel betrayed?
Would you even care to think?
If God left you on your own what would you say?
What would you wanna say?
If God spoke to you as to arouse your fear
Would you throw Him in the bin?


Spiritual entrepreneur is what you go by, dear
This western civilization really made God disappear

chorus x 2

R. Blomqvist


© 2007 Ginger Trees