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Along With The Tide - Reviews

"What GINGER TREES have done on 'Along With The Tide' is a truly remarkable achievement. By bridging the gap between 1970's progressive rock and modern progressive rock and throwing in some melodic pop psych for good measure, they have created a magnificent sound."

"Every one of the songs on this album will certainly have something you like, no matter who you are. The riffing in the title track, the melody lines in Poseidon, the acoustics in Shadow of the Mountain, the lyrics of New Day (“And it feels like rain, giving life to those who dare to cross the line and walk out into the new day…”), the Porcupine Tree presence in Breathe, the straight-edge hard rock in The Swirl, together with the aforementioned opening and closing tracks, you may find it out if you give this album a chance."

"The album’s effect as a whole is full of folky blue melodies and subtle jazz textures, all lurking beneath a progressively surging doom soul. Indeed, the spirit of 70s rock lives on brightly within the soul of Ginger Trees–the band just feels no need to rush into things, preferring instead to let each song breathe and find its own way to the atmospheric finish line."
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